Universal Oxford Motorcycle HD 1.0M Chain & Padlock Disc Lock OF157

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Universal Oxford Motorcycle HD 1.0M Chain & Padlock Disc Lock OF157

Oxford HD Chain Lock Heavy Duty Chain and Padlock

The popular Oxford HD chain lock is a fantastic mid-range lock which is light enough to be easily carried with you but still sufficiently secure to deter would-be thieves.

This HD Chain and disc lock is a 2 in 1 product, ideal for all motorcycles. Use it at home to secure the bike then if you need to nip out use the disc lock to keep your bike secure.

The HD Chain Lock comes with three keys and key replacement service (Directly from Oxford). On receipt of your chain lock, note your key number and keep in a safe place.

In the unfortunate event that you lose all your keys, a new spare can be made up for you.

Length: 1.0M

  • Hardened 10mm square link chain.
  • Tough double locking padlock with hardened steel shackle which doubles as a disc lock.
  • Key dust cover
  • Three Keys
  • Key Replacement Service (Directly from Oxford)
  • ART 4114 approved
  • Sold Secure Motor Scooter Silver approved

Available in three lengths in our store:

OF157 1.2M

OF159 1.5M

OF160 2.0M