Universal Fit Oxford CV179 Protex Stretch Motorcycle Breathable Dust Cover Motorbike Blue

SKU CV179-1

Universal Fit Oxford Protex Stretch Motorcycle Breathable Dust Cover Motorbike Blue CV179

The cover provides protection from frost, sun, dust, dirt, tree sap, bird droppings and other pollutants. This is an essential product for all motorcycle owners to have as it protects your bike from most weather damage which will pro long the life and value of your motorcycle. Comes with carry case.

Spandex stretch fit allows for high levels of flexibility and conformability resulting in a perfect fit on the bike, wrapping handlebars, mirrors and all curves for an image perfect covering.

• Premium Stretch-Fit Indoor Cover
• Seamless construction eliminates dust which can scratch paintwork
• Lightweight & breathable allowing air to constantly travel through
• Elasticated bottom and adjustable belly strap for a secure fit
• Lightweight: 180G
• Protects against dust and sun
• Cover is water resistant (not 100% waterproof) Please check our other listings for water proof covers.
• 229cm L x 99cm W x 125cm H - 35cm Rear W x 90cm Rear H (Medium)

Please check the size of your motorcycle against the dimensions given as some models may vary. This is a universal aftermarket cover

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